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How to gain access to BikeMic technology? BikeMic technology is available in two options. BikeMic_app

First one is an application running on smartphone, which is receives sounds of environment through built-in microphone and mixing them with music from other music applications. This solution gives moderate sound quality because build-in microphone is monophonic and is not designed to collect sounds from environment but allows to access BikeMic technology in very low price. If you are iPhone user you can download BikeMic app in the AppStore. Unfortunately, people using Android will have to wait for the application to be ready for them. BikeMic on the App Store. Seller: N7 Mobile Sp. z o.o. © 2015 MSL Laboratory, 2015 N7 Mobile Sp. z o.o.

BikeMic – music enhanced by sounds around you.

Application for simultaneous music and surrounding sounds playback. Application records sounds from your surroundings using built-in microphone, mixes with music played in your iPhone and feeds the results into your earplugs. You can play your favorite music and you will get all the important sounds on the street, in the office or home.

Short video below shows how to use the app: BikeMic_hw

The second option is a separate device which is connected between music player and headphones. The device can be mounted on backpack, helmet or handlebar. It has built-in high quality stereo microphone which allows to faithfully recreate the sound scene around the user. People who would like to be the first to use the best quality of BikeMic technology can buy a prototype in our online shop:  

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